Blackstone Minerals Ltd. – an emerging natural resources company

The Australian commodities group Blackstone Minerals Ltd. is mainly engaged in the exploration and development of nickel, cobalt and gold. Blackstone Minerals is a relatively small mining company with a relatively small market capitalization, so currently only a select and small group of investors are interested in the company and investing in Blackstone Minerals stock.

In the long run, however, the Australian company should benefit from the general trend towards battery-powered vehicles due to its portfolio and some promising projects, so a closer look at Blackstone Minerals Ltd. and its projects is quite interesting.

Blackstone Minerals shares are traded on the Frankfurt, Berlin and Sydney stock exchanges as well as on Nasdaq OTC and Tradegate.

Promising projects

Blackstone Minerals Ltd. focuses primarily on the exploration and development of mineral resources. Nickel, cobalt and gold in particular are part of the company’s portfolio.

The most important project of the Australian resources company is currently the Ta Khoa nickel project in Vietnam. In 2019, Blackstone Minerals Ltd. began exploration there.

With the help of two drilling rigs, it should be possible to deliver the first resource from Ta Khoa in the near future. In the longer term, Blackstone Minerals Ltd. intends to focus primarily on nickel processing in Vietnam.

However, the company is also active with further projects in Western Australia and British Columbia in Canada.

In Western Australia, Blackstone Minerals holds six granted exploration licenses as well as the corresponding licenses for the existing Silver Swan South, Red Gate and Middle Creek projects.

The Ta Khoa Nickel Project

The Ta Khoa Nickel project in Vietnam is currently the company’s main project. It is a modern nickel mine of Australian standard, located about 60 km from Hanoi. The total mine area covers about 150 square kilometers.

The underground mine includes a processing plant and a disposal plant.

BC Cobalt Project in Canada

Additional gold, copper and cobalt deposits have been suspected in British Columbia (Canada) for some time. Blackstone Minerals Ltd. is currently exploring for gold, copper and cobalt on approximately 48 square kilometers of ground there with untested geology.

Projects in Western Australia

Other exploration projects are located in Western Australia. Not far from the Top Kanowna Gold Mine, Blackstone Minerals is exploring primarily for nickel and cobalt at its Silver Swan South project.

The Middle Creek project is also located in Western Australia. Meanwhile, large gold deposits are suspected here.

With its exploration projects, the company should also be on course for success in the long term. The Blackstone Minerals projects are all characterized by modern infrastructure and are all located in areas with low political risks, so that an optimal extraction of the found mineral resources can be expected.




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