Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. and the project “Castle Silver

Canadian exploration company Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. is closely linked to its “Castle Silver” project, as the historic silver and cobalt deposit in the area in the Canadian state of Ontario was the trigger for the company’s foundation.

The “Castle Silver” project is exceptional in every respect. The extremely high quality of the silver deposits is not comparable to any other deposit in the world and the silver content in the resources is also exceptionally high.

With further exploration of the “Castle Silver” project and a proprietary patent to process the cobalt deposits also present in the mining region, Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. excellent future prospects, which also make the company extremely interesting for investors in the long term.

Brief company history

The Canadian mining company was originally founded in 2005 under the name Takara Resources. However, the year 2015 was decisive for the company’s development and for its current name. At that time, Takara Resources took over the Castle Mines project.

In 2016, the project area was expanded to its current dimensions with the addition of the adjacent “Robinson” project and Takara Resources changed the company name to its current name Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. in reference to the project name.

The project “Castle Silver

The “Castle Silver” project is exceptional in every respect. Canada Silver Cobalt Works can fully utilize the area of 7880.17 hectares for silver and cobalt mining.

The silver deposits in the region were discovered as early as 1900 and mined until 1926. From 1950 to 1970, however, only small-scale mining was carried out there until the 1980s, when some mining companies again settled there to extract the silver deposits.

Even in the past, the deposits stood out in terms of quality and yield. With 50 to 70 kg of silver per ton of rock, the silver content in Castle Silver is unique in the world. Despite mining in the past, the silver in the existing resources is huge.

Modern measurements have shown that not all of the resources in Castle Silver have been discovered yet. Canada Silver Cobalt Works has therefore already planned further exploration for the coming years.

Cobalt processing

In addition to silver, Canada Silver Cobalt Works is mining the cobalt material present in the project area. In addition, the company owns the patented Re-2OX process, which can be used to produce the various cobalt end products from the raw material. This means that everything from mining to the end product is in the hands of the Canadian company.


Canada Silver Cobalt Work is extremely interesting for investors, because with “Castle Silver” the company has a project of the highest quality and with excellent future prospects, and furthermore is not only active in mining, but also in cobalt refining.




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