Deep-South Resources Inc. and the “HAIB” and “Kabili Tepe” projects

The Canadian mining company Deep-South Resources has been in existence for more than 30 years. But it was only after a name change and the acquisition of the main project “Haib” that Deep-South Resources really took off.

In addition to the Haib project, the company’s portfolio now also includes 75 percent of the Kabili-Tepe project in Turkey, so that experts consistently give the Australian mining company good chances of success.

Company history

The Canadian mining company was founded in 1987. At that time, however, the company was still operating under the old name Jet Gold, and with rather moderate success.

However, at the beginning of 2016, Jet Gold was able to acquire 30 percent of the “Haib” copper project. Shortly thereafter, the company changed its name to Deep-South Resources and eventually acquired 100 percent of the Haib Copper Project in 2017.

Since then, Deep-South Resources has been operating with increasing success, as the Namibian copper project is one of the most productive and promising copper projects in the world.

In 2018, Deep-South Resources was finally able to expand its portfolio with the “Kabili-Tepe” copper project in Turkey, which is also promising. However, according to the current management strategy, the Haib project will continue to have priority in the coming years and the Kabili Tepe copper resources will only become the focus of business activities at a later date.

The Haib Project in Namibia

The Haib Copper Project covers approximately 370 square kilometers in southern Namibia. The entire area is very well developed and, according to initial drilling and surveys, contains abundant deposits of copper as well as deposits of the by-product molybdenum.

So far, the investigations are based on historical drilling results, which were only carried out to a depth of about 200 meters. Already, test drillings confirm that high-grade copper deposits are also present in Haib down to a depth of 800 m and beyond.

As a result, Deep-South Resources is currently conducting an extensive drilling program to further explore the economics and true recoveries of the copper project.

The by-product molybdenum is not currently the focus of exploration and will be investigated in more detail at a later date.

The copper project “Kabili-Tepe

The company’s second project, which will only be important in the future, is the Kabili-Tepe copper project in the Turkish province of Sivas. Deep-South Resources has held a 75 percent interest in this project since 2018.

The Company’s total project area includes two contiguous license areas covering approximately 50 square kilometers. The Kabili area is believed to contain rich copper, cobalt and nickel deposits.

Already in the early 2000s, the area was explored by the now defunct Australian exploration company Falconbridge. In the process, more than 20 sites were identified where copper deposits can already be found at the surface.

The Kabili-Tepe project is therefore an important reserve project for Deep-South Resources, which guarantees the company excellent future prospects.




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