Galan Lithium and the Hombre Muerto Projects in the South American Lithium Triangle

Galan Lithium Limited is an exploration company based in Australia, primarily focused on the exploration and development of lithium projects in Australia and Argentina.

The main project of the mining development company is the “Hombre Muerto” lithium project in Argentina, which actually consists of six individual projects in the region of the well-known South American lithium triangle.

South American Lithium Triangle – the largest lithium deposit in the world

Lithium is an essential ingredient for modern batteries and other advanced technologies. It is one of the light metals and one of the most important raw materials of the future.

The highly sought-after light metal can be found all over the world. Experts believe that the world’s lithium reserves amount to about 50 million tons. However, commercial mining is not profitable everywhere.

The largest lithium deposits are in Chile, Australia and Argentina. The deposits in the South American countries are mainly concentrated in the so-called lithium triangle.

This is located in the Atacama Desert and spans the countries of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The salt seas located there form a huge lithium reservoir, so that the South American lithium triangle as a whole holds the largest contiguous lithium deposits in the world.

In Argentina, lithium is mined in the Hombre Muerto Basin, which is located in the South American Lithium Triangle. The Salar del Hombre Muerto is a huge salt lake from which lithium is extracted from the brine stored under the salt flats.

The Hombre Muerto Projects

Galan Lithium Ltd’s main projects are located in the Argentine portion of the South American Lithium Triangle. In total, the Company is engaged in 6 individual projects to explore and develop lithium brine mining planned there.

The Galan Lithium Projects cover a total area of approximately 25000 hectares hosting corresponding lithium brine deposits. The total area is divided into the 2 large project areas Hombre Muerto West and Candela.

The large-scale “Hombre Muerto” project has high lithium grades with impurities as low as 2.7 percent. This places the Galan Lithium Brine Projects in the top tier of all global brine projects and has the potential to be among the absolute world class lithium deposits.

In the region around Galan Lithium’s lithium brine projects, the “white gold” has already been mined successfully for more than 20 years. Thus, the project area of Lithium Galan is surrounded by the claims of successful lithium companies such as those of the US company Livent Corporation or the claims of the Australian lithium company Galaxy Resources and the South Korean lithium producer Posco.

In addition to the main project Hombre Muerto in Argentina, Galan Lithium is engaged in other interesting lithium projects. This includes the Greenbushes South project in Australia. Currently, the project has an exploration license for an area of about 43 kilometers.




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