Inca One Gold Corp. – market leader in the ASM sector of Peruvian gold production

Inca One Gold Corp. is a Canadian mineral resources and mineral processing company that owns two gold mills in Peru that are operated exclusively by Peruvian small-scale miners.

These particular projects allowed Inca One Gold to set a new record for gold production at the end of last year. In servicing artisanal small-scale gold production, Inca One Gold Corp. is now considered one of the market leaders.

One of the market leaders in the ASM sector

Peru is one of the world’s leading gold producers. Gold production has a long tradition in the South American country. The famous Inca gold is legendary and testifies to the fact that the great gold deposits in the country were discovered and exploited long ago.

Even today, small artisanal miners play a major role in the production of gold in Peru. Inca One Gold has specialized in the support and promotion of these small businesses and is now considered one of the market leaders in this sector.

The Peruvian government estimates that several billion U.S. dollars worth of gold is extracted per year only by the so-called ASM (small-scale mining) sector in the country.

Through companies like Inca One Gold, working conditions as well as the sale of the gold are greatly simplified for the small companies, so that they too can compete in the market.

Chala One and Kori One

Inca One Gold operates two gold mine processing plants in Peru, Chala One and Kori One. Both plants are fully permitted and have a combined operating capacity of 450 tons per day.

The facilities are operated entirely by small Peruvian artisanal miners, all of whom are legitimized to do so by the Peruvian government. Inca One Gold has 100 percent ownership of both the Chala One and Kori One assets.

Chala One has a maximum operating capacity of 150 tons per day. In addition to the processing plant, the complex includes metallurgical and chemical laboratories and a desorption and smelting plant.

The site covers 42 hectares of land and still has plenty of room for expansion. Commercial production has been taking place in Chala One since 2015.

Kori One has a capacity of 350 tons per day and, like Chala One, has in-house metallurgical and chemical laboratories as well as desorption and smelting facilities.

Record production in December 2021

Inca Gold Corp. has been in existence since 2005. In December 2021, the company posted record gold production. This increased for the first time to 3648 ounces of gold, surpassing the company’s previous highest monthly production of 2018 by about 200 ounces.




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