INFLATION – Now WE all need to rethink our complete MINDSET!!!!

The Federal Statistical Office has just announced that consumer pricesare 7.9% above the level of the previous year. Mainly energy and food prices are driving the inflation rate to the highest level in almost 50 years.

Be sure to actively perceive these signals, we are directly in the turn of time.

Why you need to take a close look at your investment strategy right now?

The inflation rate is already well above the 7% mark for the third month. There is no change of direction in sight. Much more serious! In this situation, a momentum is developing that will sooner or later force EVERY one of us to rethink our entire mindset & worldview.

Has the collapse begun? In the following video by Ray Dalio, you will learn the crucial details about where we are now and what changes this turning point has in store for the financial world.




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