Meridian Mining UK Societas – junior miner on the cusp of becoming a mid-tier copper-gold producer

Meridian Mining UK Societas, a British exploration and development company, is a typical junior miner just on the cusp of becoming a mid-tier copper and gold producer.

The Company is currently engaged in three resource projects in Brazil, with the Cabacal project, which hosts a large historical resource, being the absolute priority at the moment.

Fundamentally, however, Meridian Mining’s operations are focused on assets in the Brazilian state of Rondonia, where its other two projects, Espigao and Ariquemen, are located.

Cabacal project

Cabacal is a promising project in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The project area is endowed with copper-gold-silver-zinc and lead mineralization, some of which is unexplored and undeveloped. Nevertheless, it is a historical resource that has been used by other mining companies.

The Cabacal Mine was discovered by BP Minerals in 1983. BP Minerals initially operated the small underground gold mine until it was acquired by Rio Tinto in 1991. However, after the global collapse in commodity prices in 1991, the mine was shut down.

It was not until 2021 that Meridian Mining took over the project and began collecting geological data and samples. The exploration area has been extended beyond the old Cabacal Mine in all directions to identify additional high-grade mineralization.

Espigao project

The Espigao project covers an area of approximately 160480 hectares. The site is located in the Brazilian province of Rondonia on the southwestern edge of the Amazon craton.

The area is known for its significant gold, copper, iron, tin and manganese deposits. Meridian Mining’s activities are primarily focused on the production of manganese oxide concentrate. This is characterized by an increased copper content as well as variable concentrations of other base metals.

Project Ariquemen

The Ariquemen project is also located in Rondonia province, about 300 kilometers north of the Espigao manganese project. The company has acquired approved exploration licenses for a total area of approximately 293500 hectares in the middle of the Ariquemes tin area.

This region has produced about 3 percent of the world’s tin over the past 30 years. The Ariquemes tin region is the second largest tin region in Brazil. Initially, the region was characterized exclusively by artisanal tin production. However, at peak times, production increased to about 30000 tons of tin per year.

Through promising projects to the medium-sized company

Meridian Mining has set itself the goal of making the leap from junior miner to mid-sized commodity producer. With its promising projects, the company has a good chance of achieving this goal.

Currently, Meridian Mining has a market capitalization of approximately 83 million euros. The Company’s shares are listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Tradegate Berlin, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as the Canadian Exchange and Nasdaq.




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