Patriot Battery Metals Inc. – Specialized in the development of battery metals

In the context of renewable energies and climate protection, battery metals are becoming increasingly important. Hardly any modern technology today can do without copper, lithium, nickel and the like.

Canadian exploration company Patriot Battery Metals Inc. has recognized the signs of the times and specializes in the acquisition and development of mineral properties containing primarily battery, base and precious metals.

Battery metals in focus

Canadian mining exploration company Patriot Battery Metals Inc. has existed in its current form since 2007. Patriot Battery Metals emerged from the Canadian metal construction company Gaia Metals Corporation.

The company specializes in the development of mineral properties that host primarily deposits of battery metals, but also base and precious metals.

Patriot Battery Metals’ most significant and prospective projects include the Corvette property and the nearby FCI property. Blair Way, director at Patriot Battery Metals, announced in Vancouver that the company has now expanded the Corvette concession area by more than 200 square kilometers.

In addition, Patriot Battery Metals owns other properties believed to contain prospective copper, gold and lithium deposits.

Concession area Corvette – FCI

The Corvette and FCI areas are located in close proximity to each other in the James Bay region of the Canadian province of Quebec. In addition to high-grade gold and copper deposits, the property primarily contains a large deposit of lithium, which was discovered by Patriot Battery Metals in 2017.

The highly prospective concession area has now been expanded by approximately 200 square kilometers to a total area of 21357 hectares, comprising 417 contiguous claims. Previously, about 75 percent of the FCI project was owned by Canadian company O3 Mining, which will now be transferred to Patriot Battery Metals under the new agreement.

More projects

In addition to the Corvette – FCI property, Patriot Battery Metalls owns other properties in Canada and the United States that are highly prospective for the discovery of copper, gold and lithium deposits.

These include, for example, the Freeman Creek gold project in the American state of Idaho or the Pontax project, which is also located in Quebec. Patriot Battery Metals also suspects a large gold and lithium deposit there.

Lithium market – a market of the future

Experts expect a strong increase in the market volume of battery metals such as lithium and copper in the next few years. Investors who want to invest in the promising metals should not necessarily only keep an eye on the global players such as Glencore, BHP, Rio Tinto or Anglo American.

The shares of smaller mining and exploration companies can also be quite interesting and profitable. The shares of Patriot Battery Metals Inc. are listed on the German stock exchanges in Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich, for example.




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