Porsche Ventures IPO in Unfavourable Environment

Porsche ventures IPO in an unfavorable environment - stress factors on the world stock exchanges are increasing: is there a risk of a crash?

In a very unfavorable environment, Porsche wants to carry out its IPO on September 29th. State funds from Qatar and Norway want to participate. Not all banks will get material. The broker Zerich Securities offers customers to participate in the IPO of Porsche via the Mind-Money portal. This can be done via the link https://mind-money/eu/de/ipo-porsche. Porsche’s long-planned IPO is bold and taking place in a very unfavorable environment. After the Fed’s 0.75 basis point rate hike, almost all markets across all asset classes collapsed, causing trillions of dollars in losses. However, this also enables a favorable price setting for the IPO of Porsche, which could be a good entry opportunity for long-term investors. Andreas Männicke gives his assessment of the monetary and geopolitical dangers, but also of the new opportunities in his market letter EAST STOCK TRENDS (www.eaststock.de) and in his new EastStockTV video, episode 199




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