Thesis Gold and the Ranch Gold-Silver Project

Thesis Gold Inc. is a Canadian exploration company primarily engaged in the Ranch gold-silver project in British Columbia, Canada. There, the Company is currently engaged in the exploration and discovery of various gold and silver targets.

In addition to the already known mineralization in the project area, the Company is continuously making new discoveries in its extensive drilling programs. For example, Thesis Gold just announced drilling results from last year.

In the course of discovery drilling, a new promising mineralization was discovered in a western zone of the project area, which runs parallel to a previously known mineralization.

As recently as January, Thesis Gold also identified additional exploration-worthy targets on the project area.

Previously a pure mineral exploration and development company

Canadian exploration company Thesis Gold is led by a group of professionals, including primarily financial experts and exploration geologists, all of whom have had previous success in mineral exploration. The company was founded in 2009.

Thesis Gold’s principal business generally includes the acquisition, exploration and development of gold projects. Currently, Thesis Gold is focused exclusively on the Ranch Gold gold and mineral exploration project.

The Ranch Gold-Silver Project

The Ranch Gold-Silver Project is located in northern British Columbia, Canada and is 100% owned by Thesis Gold.

The concession area covers a promising terrain of about 178 square kilometers. Exploration began on the project area as early as the early 1970s and was greatly expanded in the 1980s. Even then, numerous gold and silver deposits were discovered in the region.

In 1991, open pit mining began in the most prospective zones of Bonanza, Thesis III and BV, producing approximately 10,000 ounces of gold per year. However, mining only took place in shallow surface pits. However, deeper zones and surrounding areas were not further explored for gold and silver mineralization.

Four high-grade intercepts, Bonanza, Thesis III, Thesis II and BV, have now been identified through concentrated drilling in the property now owned by Thesis Gold, with the potential to produce large quantities of gold and silver, including open pit.

From exploration company to gold producer?

With sole ownership of the entire Ranch Gold-Silver Project area, Thesis Gold should be able to benefit from extensive and rewarding gold and silver production in British Columbia in the future and become a producer in the years to come.

Thesis Gold’s shares are listed on the Canada NSX, Nasdag OTC and the Tradegate Exchange in Berlin and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The market capitalization of the Canadian exploration company is currently around €77.06 million.




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