This is how commodities performed in September

In September, there were again winners and losers in the price development of commodities. Among both losers and winners, there were price developments that surprised, while others confirmed the trend from the previous month.

Palladium in price low

Among the big losers in September was palladium. Just like gold and silver, the precious metal is a sought-after investment for anyone looking for a crisis-proof investment. And indeed, in the last few years the palladium price developed amazingly well.

Anyone who bought a troy ounce of palladium a few years ago could enjoy an increase in value of just under 20 percent. In 2021, the palladium price reached a peak. In September, however, the precious metal was by far one of the price losers, as the price fell by 21.95 percent compared to the previous month.

Silver price on downward course in September

The silver price was also on a downward course, falling by 8.77 percent in September. In the long term, however, the precious metal is predicted to have a great future on the stock market.

Silver occupies an absolutely special position among precious metals, so to speak. On the one hand, the production volume is very high compared to other precious metals, and on the other hand, silver in particular is also in great demand in industry.

Sugar prices still in the cellar

Sugar is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beets. Globally, Brazil, India and China are the main producers. Within Europe, Poland is one of the most important manufacturing countries, along with France and Germany.

It is likely that more sugarbeet will be harvested in Europe in 2021 than in the previous year. But in Brazil, the main producing country, production is expected to be down due to weather conditions. This could also give the sugar price a new boost. At minus 5 percent, sugar was one of the share price losers in September.

Oat price still on the upswing

Oats have been among the winners among agricultural commodities for some time. The demand for oats is particularly high in the feed and food industry.

The price of oats has already been showing an upward trend since the beginning of the summer. This was confirmed in September as well, and oats secured the third-largest price increase among commodities with a gain of 17.17 percent.

Natural gas price continues to rise

It’s not just private homeowners who know that the price of gas has picked up considerably in 2021. Investors, meanwhile, can be pleased with the price high for natural gas. The rise in the price of natural gas also continued strongly in September, with an increase of 22.08 percent.

Lumber price with strong plus in September

The highest price increase in September was recorded by the price of wood. With an increase of a whopping 31.73 percent, the price of wood is now on the rise again after the price plunge in July. Despite the short-term price losses in June and July, wood is one of the absolute winners among the commodities in the Corona pandemic.




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