War or peace? – Cash is trash! – Car stock crash is coming!

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MAKRO – War or Peace?
SECTORS – Ray Dalio: “Cash is Trash!”
ENTERPRISE – Car stock crash is coming!

MAKRO – War or Peace?
The decision on Ukraine’s accession status is due this week. A decision by the heads of state and government would have to be made at the EU summit on 23. and 24 June possible. In the current situation, this can directly determine war and peace. How are the markets dealing with this decision? We continue to keep a close eye on this situation for you!

SECTORS – Ray Dalio: “Cash is Trash!”
“Cash is Trash!” Stocks are going down and the big problem with the monetary system is: what about liquidity? What are the threats in relation to the real economy? Take a few minutes and watch the following video carefully:

COMPANY – Auto stock crash is coming!
Europe’s car manufacturers are facing a catastrophe! Regulations on e-mobility are a burden on the industry! Are high production costs driving Mercedes, BMW, etc. to ruin? Our SSS Scroing rating is quite clearly 1 out of 5 points. ATTENTION: Please wait for the reporting season!

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