Yamana Gold – an emerging mining company from Canada

Yamana Gold is a Canadian mining company that produces primarily gold and silver at five producing mines in the Americas. In addition to the production of precious metals, the company’s business activities also include the exploration and discovery of new resources.

Yamana Gold is headquartered in Toronto. The shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Yamana Gold was able to increase sales in almost all regions of its operations in fiscal year 2021, making the company interesting for investors, especially in light of the current troubled and uncertain times.

Expansions and sales increases

Yamana Gold was established in its current form in 2003. At that time, a Canadian investor acquired the company, which until then had operated in South America and was active exclusively in Brazil and Argentina. Since then, Yamana Gold’s headquarters have been located in Canada.

In the years that followed, Yamana Gold was able to expand rapidly through the acquisition of various mines in the Americas and take a firm place among mid-tier Canadian mining companies.

Currently, Yamana Gold has five active mines under its sole ownership. All of these mines are long-lived, high-quality, and offer good long-term growth opportunities for the company and long-term value for its shareholders.

Yamana Gold has focused primarily on gold production. For example, gold accounted for 88 percent of the Canadian mining company’s total production in 2021. The remaining 12 percent of total production related to the precious metal silver.

Yamana Gold’s producing mines are located in Canada, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. In the past fiscal year 2021, Yamana Gold was able to increase its sales in almost all regions of its operations.

The company achieved its highest sales growth in Canada. There, annual sales increased by 27.64 percent compared to the previous year. In Argentina, Yamana Gold achieved a 7.11 percent increase in sales, while sales in Brazil increased by only 0.69 percent year-on-year. Only in Chile is there a relatively small reduction in sales, at 2.54 percent.

The projects

In Canada, Yamana Gold operates the Canadian Malartic open pit mine. There, 357392 ounces of gold were produced in 2021. In Argentina, the Company owns the Cerro Mono gold-silver operation, where gold production is targeted to increase in the current year, while silver production is expected to decrease slightly.

The El Penon underground mine is located in Chile. Gold and silver have already been successfully mined there for more than 20 years. The Minera Florida underground mine, also located in Chile, produces gold and silver. The plant has a daily capacity of about 2300 tons per day.

The Brazilian underground gold mine is one of Yamana Gold’s particularly long-lived projects. Since 2014, gold production there has more than doubled.




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